InsightsRadar: A Sales Enablement Platform

Qualify Meetings, Gain Deeper Customer Insight, create customer confidence,
avoid mis-alignment, Present new unique Insights & build preferences

Companies with a Strong Sales Enablement platform grow more

WARNING: Sales reps that spend only 32% of their time “selling”. Sales reps. who generate 21.3% of the content they use in their work? 43% of organizations share content with the sales organization in such an unstructured way that sellers become frustrated and end up not using it. THIS is where most companies are today, and a place you don’t want to be, as it is both costly and demotivating for your sales reps..

Sales Enablement is the opposite of above. The essence of sales enablement is to create the optimal framework, realizing the right sales enablement components around your sales reps so they can more easily and efficiently follow the sales approach you want them to follow. If you want your sales reps to go out and be a great advisor, or you want your sales reps to challenge your customers, then your task is to provide the optimal conditions, so it becomes both realistic and efficient. 

Since Sales Enablement’s big breakthrough in 2017, many organizations have become familiar with Sales Enablement. Understandably as  sales departments that master Sales Enablement simply are realizing better results than those who do not. Building Sales Enablement Components are a source of competitive advantage.

InsightsRadar: A Sales Enablement Platform improving your sale results

We know from research, that sales reps are most effective when we support them with a strong framework. The foundation of InsightsRadar as a sales enablement platform is to make it easy and aligned, when your sales people engage the buyer throughout the buying process. 

  • Presenting your own unique industry- & market Insights to go out and inspire and challenge in a better way,
  • A great door opener, making it easier to get your sales meetings and qualify them
  • Maturing and shortening your sales proces  
  • New Insights into Benchmarking & Best Practice knowledge on your focus area
  • Reports/Insights on a customers company-, stakeholder- and/or person level informing you about weak areas, efficiency losses and lost potentials
  • Consensus Insights briefing you on actual disconnects in the stakeholder group 
  • Measurements of the behavioral change among salespeople

The InsightsRadar embraces the changes we have seen the last years in the customers B2B buying journey. Your sales reps will be armed with new ways of improving their customer conversations, helping customers identifying disconnects and get aligned.

"Our biggest competitors are our customers. B2B buyers are learning on their own and delaying their contact with suppliers until late in the purchase. Commercial insights disrupt customers’ learning journey and “un-teaches” them about what they know, to give them a good reason to change"

Brent Adamson, Gartner

A former McKinsey benchmarking study involving 15,000 employees at more than 140 leading companies, showed: Revenue growth at companies with more advanced marketing and sales capabilities tended to be 30 percent greater than the average company within their sector. Sales enablement is not an expense, it's an investment in top-line growth. The business case is very attractive, with a ROI as much as five or ten times as much as the investment.

McKinsey & Co.

InsightsRadar: Sales capability development

1. Insights generation

By using our Analysis Framework, you can in a smart and effective way, get your own unique insights on your focus areas directly from your customers and prospects – engaging your market, and building confidence.

2. Avoiding Mis-Alignment

The InsightsRadar identifies areas of mis-alignment in the buying group. The sales reps will be in control and can effectively facilitate a process to eliminate misconceptions and help the customer’s stakeholder group to reach consensus.

3. NewBizz improved

With new commercial insights, you can teach customers something new and inspire them more. With reports on the customers situation you can go a level deeper and achieve better customer and group conversations.

4. Increasing loyalty

Introducing new insights, teaching customers something new, helping customers build consensus, will reward you with their confidence and preferences. The perceived integrity of your salespeople will grow.

We Take Our Own Medicine And Offer You Our InsightsRadar Focusing On Your Sales Organizational Capabilities.