Be a world-class Marketing organization for your b2B sales

Be the indispensable resource that your sales reps needs to win more

Building the right Sales Capabilities matters more now, than ever

A former McKinsey benchmarking study involving 15,000 employees at more than 140 leading  companies, showed: Revenue growth at companies with more advanced marketing and sales capabilities tended to be 30 percent greater than the average company within their sector. Building sales capabilities is not an expense, it’s an investment in top-line growth. The business case is very attractive, with a ROI as much as five or ten times as much as the investment.

Being a marketing leader requires a commercial understanding of the sales organization’s needs, both in relation to the transformation many are in the middle of, but also in terms of the concrete buyer development, sales reps are facing. Marketing has to embrace new ways of thinking and working. To realize consistent growth is difficult, and requires development of marketing and sales capabilities, as we know from research “ building sales capabilities are a source of competitive advantage”.  The InsightsRadar provides you with new sales capabilities with most impact. Your sales reps, will stand stronger, and more insights driven.



InsightsRadar: Design your Sales Capabilities & Sales Enablement

We know from research, that sales reps are most effective when they are supported with a strong framework. The InsightsRadar can best be described as a flexible SaaS “Sales & Marketing Backbone” that realizes critical sales capabilities.

  • Generation of your own unique industry- & market Insights to find, open new doors, qualify meetings, win and grow accounts.
  • Insights into Benchmarking & Best Practice knowledge on your focus area
  • Insights on the  stakeholder group and individuals informing you about efficiency losses and potentials
  • Consensus Insights briefing you on actual disconnects in the stakeholder group 
  • Pre-build “Consensus Workshop” & “Red Dot Session” frameworks

By formalizing these areas  you can more easily scale. You will realize a sales enablement foundation that provide sales reps with what they need to successfully engage the buyer throughout the buying process. Your sales reps will be armed with new ways of improving their customer conversations with stakeholders..

"Our research is increasingly clear: companies with better marketing and sales capabilities grow faster. At a time when growth is not only more important but arguably more elusive than ever, companies must tap the potential of marketing and sales do deliver better results"

McKinsey & Company

Realize a Capability-Driven

1. Insights generation & confidence building

By using our Analysis Framework, you can in a smart and effective way, get your own unique insights on your focus areas directly from your customers and prospects. Insights from analysis, meetings, workshops and seminars will be consolidated locally and at HQ.

2. Meeting & workshop qualification

The InsightsRadar is a unique door-opener, to existing and new customers. New insights and reflections inspires and challenge customers & leads. For buying groups  the InsightsRadar is unique to facilitate a group proces, identifying all low levels, to be discussed more in detail.

3. Stakeholder & consensus handling

The InsightsRadar identifies areas of mis-alignment. Sales reps will be able to identify on exactly which areas the group is mis-aligned. Sales reps will be much more in control and can effectively facilitate a process to eliminate misconceptions and help the customer’s stakeholder group to reach consensus.

4. Seminar insights & stronger follow-up

Ahead of a seminar, the Insights Radar will provide an accurate indication on, where are the participants weakest and face the biggest challenges. After a seminar, sales reps will get access to participants radars, improving their preparation and relevance in the follow-up. Insights will be consolidated. 

We are a new, innovative and cutting edge platform on delivering Organizational Capabilities to sales organizations. That's why we do not show much of the product itself on our website, but we will be pleased to present our solution to you.
We take our own medicine and offer you our InsightsRadar focusing on your Challenger Selling Organizational Capabilities.