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A harmonization of specific processes across countries, a shared service center.

Centralize, Harmonize and Support to increase sales efficiency and reduce costs

Sales teams are by definition dispersed across geographies, and especially in big international companies. At the same time, if you’re going to be effective and drive sales excellence, you have to establish a degree of centrally driven initiatives and change. Best-performing companies invests in back-end infrastructure and in building a set of capabilities that allow them to drive the different sales elements consistently throughout dispersed geographies. 

A former McKinsey benchmarking study involving 15,000 employees at more than 140 leading  companies, showed: Revenue growth at companies with more advanced marketing and sales capabilities tended to be 30 percent greater than the average company within their sector. Building sales capabilities is not an expense, it’s an investment in sustainable competitive advantages and top-line growth.

To realize sustainable advantages, you must avoid critical capabilities to be developed and performed independently in different teams across countries. Avoid  inconsistency. 

Design the right Commercial Operation Model embracing all sales teams

To optimize and achieve sales excellence in big, complex companies operating internationally, you must focus on building a strong commercial operating model with the right balance in centralization versus decentralization. This means you need to build a foundation, where your sales teams across countries are effectively supported and can execute in a consistent and effective way.

The InsightsRadar is an excellent backend structure, creating a foundation, where you can centralize and streamline insights generation, insights delivery, special workshop and seminar frameworks. This optimizes the framework for your decentralized sales team across countries to handle their operational planning, and country execution – going out in front of the customers, with inspiring insights, stronger pitches, better offering, and new great workshop frameworks. This is the recipe for a consistent and effective sales operation model. 

This provides you with a commercial operation model that works on an ongoing basis, becomes stronger with time, and never fall apart. 

Example: Nordic HQ supporting locally sales organizations

Building blocks for an international

1. Insights generation locally and internationally at HQ

By using our Analysis Framework, you can in a smart and effective way carry out your own market analysis in several countries and obtain your own unique insights. Your Insights foundation will improve continuously as your sales teams are having meetings, workshops and seminars with customers, opportunities & leads. All data will be consolidated locally and centrally at HQ, without any further investments.

2. Identification of Best Practice and benchmarking

With this Insights foundation, it becomes possible to spot what makes the best companies differently to everyone else. A sales rep. in a given country will also be able to benchmark a customer contact or stakeholder group against other replies from similar enterprises, same industry etc. This will identify and show on the individual customer/lead level where it differs compared to similar companies/competitors.

3. Supporting country sales & marketing

With the InsightsRadar you can develop your marketing and sales capabilities to drive a stronger performance. Each country will get access to a the strong  and relevant Insights foundation to develop pitches, talk best practice and inspire with benchmarks. This is a strong starting point to stand out, and add an extra value that most countries will not be able to perform on their own.

4. Stronger Positioning & content development

When you go to market with your own analysis insights from the very same market we know that both decision makers and stakeholders reward with an increased confidence in your sales reps. and preference building. When the Insights is not “borrowed” from others (often carried out in other countries) you will stand stronger in attracting and engaging your market. 

"The study’s findings demonstrate clearly that organizational capabilities drive corporate success. And they reveal that behavioral aspects, often seen as tangential, are vital differentiators—but only when they accompany structural capabilities"

Boston Consulting Group

"The way companies that are good at this go about it is to invest in sales operations to build a set of capabilities that allow them to drive the different elements of sales excellence consistently throughout dispersed geographies. What we find often is that companies will actually underinvest in that infrastructure, because it’s seen as non-quota carrying, and therefore every time there’s a downturn, those are the folks who get cut. Yet our research actually shows that the best-performing companies invest heavily in sales operations and building sales capabilities"

Mckinsey & Company
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