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"We surveyed 182 senior managers in a range of industries: 65% said meetings keep them from completing their own work. 71% said meetings are unproductive and inefficient. 64% said meetings come at the expense of deep thinking. 62% said meetings miss opportunities to bring the team closer together"

Harvard Business Review

you know how it is...

A really good and telling headline from Harvard Business Review “Stop the Meeting Madness”, refers to the real consequences for teams and organizations. For all employees time is zero-sum, so when you waste time in non-effective meetings, every minute, every hour is time not getting something else done, that is equally essential for creativity and efficiency. In general, most employees think that too many meetings are ineffective, unproductive, too much waste of time and at the same time research tells us that it is both stressing your employees and reducing their job satisfaction. Still few of us realize just how big the problem is. 

Knowing your baseline & SPOTTING your "red zones" is critical

Research tells us that as many as 80% see meetings as important to efficiency and progress, but 70% want better organized meetings, as current meetings are not considered as good and effective. To improve your Meeting Culture, the first step is to make a baseline diagnosis of your meeting situation, and especially where you have weak areas, in the Radar this is be presented as your Red Zones. 

The “Effective Meeting Radar“, can help you very easy to spot and document on organizational and  department level, which weak areas do you have in your “Meeting Culture/Approach”, where do you lose time, productivity and job satisfaction. In other words, the Effective Meeting Radar” tells you where you need to focus, to make improvements.

The Effective Meeting Radar” is a smart data collection solution. The categories and KPIs/Questions are based on leading research, leading books and leading recommendations. When your employees have completed the radar, you will get a 360 degree evaluation of your meeting culture, presented in red / yellow / green zones. 

On top of this you will also get a report about consensus on your Meeting Culture, which means you will get af documentation on: 

  • Where do employees agree that the organization, the department is in a red / yellow / green zone
  • Where are the employees not aligned about which zone a specific area belongs to. 

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Unleash Your Potentials

Too often meetings are a tremendous wast of time.. However if we take a look at the benefits of a good healthy “Meeting Culture” are big. An survey showed that employees perceived significant improvements in team collaboration (a 42% increase), psychological safety to speak up and express opinions (a 32% increase), and team performance (a 28% increase). Other aspects of organizational life improved as well, and respondents’ ratings of satisfaction with work/life balance rose from 62% to 92%. (Harvard Business Review).

how to start & finish your "meeting culture analysis"

You can make the “Effective Meeting Radar” on just one department, several departments and it could be for your whole organization. You will get a unique link to each department, which makes it easy for you to distribute and invite your employees. You can decide if you want to carry out the analysis anonymous or not.

5 Min to complete + your own description of why you are making this analysis. We also have a very good description you can use

Data is being collected, categorized and presented to you in a pre-defined report. In this report you can see weak areas / red zones, get input/comments from your employees, and you can see where employees disagree on specific KPIs. This is your Baseline, your foundation for making the actions needed to realize your potentials.  

30 Min read / presentation

Later you can easily, make a follow-up “Meeting Radar” to identify if you have realized your potentials. This follow-up radar can for example be after 6, 9, 12 months. You decide. 

RESEARCH quotes on "effective meetings"

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