Agencies need to build new insights driven "Sales & Marketing Capabilities

Engage Customers throughout The New Buyer Journey, bringing new insights to the table

Agencies need to think in new ways to stand out more and win more

We know from research, that sales organization are most effective when we support them with a strong framework. This is also the case for agencies, where many agencies through many years has handled the sale both unstructured and without taking the next step and build their own unique sales & marketing capabilities – making them person dependent and with a poor foundation for scaling their business. 

Building sales capabilities are a source of competitive advantage. Among sales professionals there is a broad consensus around, that the buyer journey and the way you build confidence and preferences have changed dramatically. These changes require agencies to embrace new ways of working in sales, which is why we have seen a rise of many new sales methodologies through the last decade like Challenger, Value Based, Co-Creation and Customer-Centric Selling. To obtain success, sales organizations must adopt both an agile mindset and focus on realizing new and the right capabilities to find, win and grow accounts. Building B2B Sales Capabilities is an opportunity for a company to gain an advantage over competitors. 

InsightsRadar: A new framework for agencies to arm their partners

Agencies are in many ways old-school in their market approach. To obtain consistent growth, agencies must develop own unique sales and marketing capabilities to drive performance. Research is clear on this topic, companies with good marketing and sales capabilities grow faster. 

The InsightsRadar is a flexible SaaS “Sales & Marketing” Solution that realizes critical capabilities:

  • Generation of your own unique industry- & market Insights to find, open new doors, qualify meetings, win and grow accounts.
  • Insights into Benchmarking & Best Practice knowledge on your focus area
  • Reports/Insights on a customers company-, stakeholder- and/or person level informing you about weak areas, efficiency losses and lost potentials
  • Consensus Insights briefing you on actual disconnects in the stakeholder group 
  • Pre-build “Consensus Workshop” & “Red Dot Session” frameworks
  • Insights driven seminars, with unique follow-up reports on each participant

A former McKinsey benchmarking study involving 15,000 employees at more than 140 leading  companies, showed: Revenue growth at companies with more advanced marketing and sales capabilities tended to be 30 percent greater than the average company within their sector. Building sales capabilities is not an expense, it's an investment in top-line growth. 

McKinsey & Company

Agency example on how to build a capability-driven sales enablement organization

InsightsRadar: Partner selling & Marketing

1. Market Insights

By using our Analysis Framework, you can in a smart and effective way, alone or together with one or several of your partners, get your own unique market insights on your focus areas directly from your customers and prospects – engaging your market, and building confidence.

2. Avoiding mis-alignment

A lack of consensus in the buyer group reduces dramatically the probability of a closed sale. The InsightsRadar identifies stakeholder disconnects. Sales reps. will be in control and can effectively facilitate a process to avoid misconceptions and help the stakeholder group to reach consensus.

3. Insights before meeting

From the beginning you will have a deep Insight into the customer, which enables you both to inspire the customer on a new level but also to help the customer see weak areas, efficiency lost opportunities and disconnects. You will give the customers more than they expect.

4. Confidence & loyalty

When you take ownership and  introduce new insights, critical  areas of improvement and consensus lacks, you will stand out as an agency doing the “extra” effort. Giving the customer a total attention will increase their confidence in you, and their preferences will begin to point towards you.

We are a new, innovative and cutting edge platform on delivering Organizational Capabilities to sales organizations. That's why we do not show much of the product itself on our website, but we will be pleased to present our solution to you.
We take our own medicine and offer you our InsightsRadar focusing on your Challenger Selling Organizational Capabilities.