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A New buying & selling reality

In the sales world there are several different sales models used by companies today. The most common being SPIN Selling, Solution Selling, Value Based Selling and the very successful approach for the last decade Challenger Selling. The trend is clear that past aggressive sales methods do not work at all in relation to the modern B2B buyer, who are more complex than ever before. Today, the best sales teams adopt a more consultative and challenging approach to sales, helping the customer to make the right decision, helping the customer to identify disconnects and create consensus. But still there are big gaps between the attractive theory to bring it successfully to reality. 

Sales models are theory, a new mindset, often supported by large US analyzes, that tell you this is the way forward if you want to become a leader, if you want to win more. But there is a big challenge to many sales organizations to really harvest the full potential. To become a high-performing organization companies must build strong organizational capabilities, theory cannot stand alone.

InsightsRadar: SaaS all-in-one platform

The fact is that many sale leaders are losing momentum as they cannot support their sales reps with the right unique insights, new relevant tools and concepts to meet customers in a new way, and in a way customers are expecting. Both to differentiate you in a more relevant way but also to achieve measurable benefits, like creating your own unique insights, achieving a higher quality in your meetings/workshops, conduct better sales conversations and handling a stakeholder group not in balance. 

The InsightsRadar is an all-in-one platform that equips leaders, with an indispensable tool, insights and opportunities needed. We use a smart insights technology concept to create your own and unique “Organizational Capabilities” that provides your sales organization with concrete tools and insights, to fully reach your potential.

The synergies are obvious, besides above benefits and efficiency, your positioning will be much stronger, your sales reps will achieve greater credibility and integrity, achieving a stronger pipeline and higher closing rates

New Sales Reality Insights

Analysis of more than 6,000 salespeople and 90 companies across industries conducted by CEB / Gartner clearly shows that “The Challenger Sale approach” is the clear performance winner, with 54% of all High Performers.

  • 80% of suppliers experience customers inviting more suppliers to bid.
  • The number of customer stakeholders is also increasing, with an average of more than 10 stakeholders involved.
  • 75% of sellers feel they are facing different functions, roles & priorities and often different locations.
  • The same analysis showed that in the absence of consensus in the customer’s “buying group”, ie. a Dysfunctional Group is 50% less likely to buy the solution you present as suppliers.
  • Customers are doing their “homework” far more and better than ever. On average, when the customer starts their purchasing process, they are 57% in the purchasing process before contacting suppliers. The greater the complexity, the later they address suppliers. Customers are done with sellers who focus on products and do not come with new insights / knowledge. Customers have preferences for salespeople who come with a new insight and ability to add their business ideas and business value with innovative solutions.
  • It’s not just that people sell to people. The entire remainder of customer loyalty – all 53% is attributable to your ability to outperform the competition in the sales experience itself. Over half of customer loyalty is a result not of what you sell, but how you sell. (Matthew Dixon, Gartner & Bestseller Author)

A Harvard analysis shows that as many as 71% felt that more than half of the meetings they had attended for the past six months were unimportant.

New Marketing Reality insights

An Edelmann analysis of 3,275 business decision-makers showed:

  • 89% of decision-makers say directly that the Thought Leadership position significantly increases the respect around the supplier
  • 81% of decision-makers say Thought Leadership creates decision-maker confidence

The same analysis also showed that:

  • 48% of C-level executives cite Thought Leadership as the direct reason for collaborating (against only 20% of Thought Leaders believe it helps to close and win orders)
  • 47% of C-level executives are willing to pay a higher price to trade with an organization that is so clear in its Insights and Vision for the future

An analysis based on 25,825 respondents showed that when sales reps receive organizational support, their performance increases. A sales rep who follows the Challenger approach and has access to organizational support is 47.1% more likely to belong to the “top performer” category and not the “average” category.

85% of decision-makers feel that current content under-delivers on quality, while only 15% of those decision-makers rate most of the thought leadership they read as very good or excellent.

The study also showed that most marketers are missing the opportunity to connect their thought leadership efforts to measurable business impact, including high-priority KPIs such as account lift, marketing qualified leads (MQL), sales qualified lead (SQL), higher closing rates or stronger pipeline.

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